At CoinMarkets, we prioritise regulation to provide a secure, safe, and fair trading environment for our users. By following regulatory guidelines, we're committed to ensuring your safety and security while you trade with confidence. We take care of the regulatory details so you can focus on making informed decisions and achieving your best results. Join us today for a stress-free trading experience!

Regulated by FCIS and incorporated in Vilnius, Zalgirio g. 88-101 Lithuania

CoinMarkets Investment Limited (CoinMarktes) is a subsidiary company of UAB "Markets Investments" (Company Registration No.: 306334586) regulated by FCIS and incorporated in Vilnius, Zalgirio g. 88-101 Lithuania. This regulation provides an added layer of security, ensuring that your trades are conducted in a safe and fair environment. With regulatory compliance overseen by the FCIS, you can trade confidently and securely on CoinMarkets.

To ensure compliance and optimise performance, we conduct comprehensive audits, regular reviews, and inspections of all financial, legal, and customer-related activities through our licensed entity.

Your funds receive extra protection when held in segregated accounts at reputable banks, which are kept separate from the company's operating capital.

Ensuring the safety of our trader's funds.

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